Russian meat manufacturer that produces meat products under the same brand name at its own meat processing plant in the village of Pavlovskaya Sloboda, Istrinsky district, Moscow region.

In 2010, Velkom completed a project to implement the SAP ERP system, and it was the first Russian meat processing plant to do so.

TeamIdea's goal was to bring the SAP system in line with the requirements legislation, namely:

  • Maintaining the Master Data, in accordance with the FGIS Mercury requirements.
  • Management of the organizational structure of the enterprise in FGIS Mercury.
  • Enterprise user management in FGIS Mercury.
  • Management of the processes of production, acceptance, shipment (including regionalization processes), and returns.
  • Fully scalable configuration of SAP integration with the gateway VetIS.API (Mercury).
  • Interholding operations of the company (write-off, registration, inventory, moving between sites).
  • Reporting: accounting in the context of eVAD; accounting for items in the warehouse log of FGIS Mercury; connection of a physical unit of production with an electronic document; integration with non-formalized electronic records.
  • Automatic generation and printing of a set of accompanying documents.

In 2018, Velkom and TeamIdea completed a project to develop the SAP ERP system; in particular, they met all the FGIS Mercury requirements.

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