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FMCG Industry:
Supply Chain Digital Transformation
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The Challenges of Supply Chain Management in FMCG Industry:

  • Demand forecasting: FMCG products have short shelf lives and high turnover rates, making accurate demand forecasting essential to avoid overstocking or stockouts. Fluctuations in consumer demand, seasonal variations, and promotional activities add complexity to forecasting.
  • Shelf Life Management: Minimizing waste and spoilage and managing the shelf life of perishable FMCG products like food and beverages requires strict temperature control and timely delivery to ensure freshness.
  • Regulatory Compliance: the industry is subjected to various product safety, labeling, packaging, and environmental standards regulations. Compliance across different regions can be complex and costly.
  • Supply chain visibility: no detailed tracking of transport order fulfilment, no understanding where the order is and when it is to arrive to the customer. No online-visibility of stocks (quality, quantity, serial number, location, etc.).
  • Sales vs supply capacity conflicts, S&OP planning process was introduced but it’s not working.
  • Customers are not satisfied with the service level: late or not-in-full deliveries.
  • Vehicles are not loaded in full and loading takes a long time, high transportation costs.
  • The DC area is not fully utilized and managed inefficiently.
  • Inability of the key IT systems to support growing orders numbers or expansion plans.

TeamIdea has 20 years of practical experience in helping Consumer Goods Manufacturers and Distributors to solve key problems and face main industry challenges through end-to-end digital supply chain transformation. We cover end-to-end SCM processes: from procurement planning to last mile delivery.

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