About the Company

We offer unique expertise in the field of integration of IT solutions and platforms, as well as supporting migration of systems from foreign vendors to domestic ones.TeamIdea is an SAP Platinum Partner, a member of United VARs. We have long experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • e-commerce
  • warehouse logistics
  • wholesale and retail
  • manufacturing

Experience and qualification

For outstanding achievements in the development of own innovative solutions TeamIdea has repeatedly been awarded international prizes.

The company has accumulated substantial practical experience in automating and optimizing the complete set of business processes of companies whose activities are related to distribution, retail sales, including online and offline channels, and warehouse management systems.

  • SAP Pinnacle

  • 3

    SAP Quality

  • 5

    SAP Value

  • 9


  • 2

    United VARs

  • 2

    SAP MEE Partner Excellence

  • SAP Coder

The creation of own unique solutions based on SAP takes an important place in the strategic development of the company.

TeamIdea has competence in the following areas:

  • Liquidity management
  • Budget management
  • Accounting according to the standards of RAS, IFRS
  • Company resource management (purchases, stocks, sales, finance, etc.)
  • Assortment management
  • Retail sales forecasting
  • Fashion retail

YWIS team

YWIS team offers implementation of innovative solutions in the field of business digitalization for optimization of business processes in retail company.

More details
Natalia Morozova
Olga Nikolaeva Head of Relex Practice, YWIS

"We offer to retailers an innovative solution aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of businesses through the integrated use of the latest achievements of the IT industry in the field of automation of demand forecasting and replenishment processes. Our team was the first in Russia to start implementing new IT solutions in the field of forecasting and replenishment of reserves, and currently has unprecedented practical experience in this area.”

UVARS team

International companies need transparent and reliable data on the activities of their branch network. This need is fully covered by the implementation of SAP as the main ERP system and its subsequent Roll-Out to foreign branches.

  • 50

    Head of Relex Practice, YWIS

  • 100+


  • 100+ thousand

    Experts for SAP midmarket

  • 8k

    Customers worldwide

  • $2 billion

    Overall revenue

  • Vars


Each company's stuff possesses successfull work experience for leading international companies. Skills and experience of our consultants are essential for efficient and quick project task resolving of no matter kind of complexity.

Team spirit is a key concept of TeamIdea. It's the total practical skills of our consultants that guarantees prosperous realisation of projects of any kind.

TeamIdea is a strong, sustainable team. Our professional team has more than 400 talented consultants with the brilliant project experience and a full knowledge of the SAP product line.

  • 400+

    Consultants in our team

  • 200+

    Projects across the globe

  • Andrey Altabaev

    Andrey Altabaev

    Founder, Commercial Director
  • Pavel Malko

    Pavel Malko

    Partner, Development Director
  • Aleksey Karpachev

    Aleksey Karpachev

    Head of SCM Practice
  • Viktoriya Shaimardanova

    Viktoriya Shaimardanova

    Director of Development
  • Ekaterina Dubovskaya

    Ekaterina Dubovskaya

    HR Director
  • Evgeniy Ponomarev

    Evgeniy Ponomarev

    Head of ERP Practice
  • Sergey Elkin

    Sergey Elkin

    Head of the IBP Practice
  • Natalya Morozova

    Natalya Morozova

    Director of Development
  • Aleksandr Zlobin

    Aleksandr Zlobin

    Head of the BW Practice
  • Andrey Uzemshin

    Andrey Uzemshin

    Head of ABAP/PI/UI5 Practice
  • Aleksandr Zikin

    Aleksandr Zikin

    Head of the Support Practice
  • Nikita Ivanov

    Nikita Ivanov

    Head of MMSD Practice
  • Aleksey Kashirskiy

    Aleksey Kashirskiy

    Director of Development
  • Sergey Petrov

    Sergey Petrov

    Director of Development
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In any business, the right motivation is extremely important to achieve the best result.

Vasily Zaichko
Vasily Zaichko Company CEO

About Motivation

Only when a person is truly passionate about their work, when they enjoy the results achieved, when they understand that what they created (independently or in a team of like-minded people) is needed, meets or even exceeds expectations and is valuable in its essence – only then does each of us get a true inner satisfaction that cannot be described in words, but can be experienced and felt. Actually, the combination of these emotions and feelings is the real, sincere motivation of any creative person.

About Philosophy

TeamIdea's philosophy is primarily aimed at creating conditions for employees to demonstrate their talents and abilities. It is the opportunity to be noticed and appreciated that attracts capable, purposeful, and ambitious consultants to the company. Those who want to find a team in which they can fully reveal themselves through a creative attitude to work and current tasks. TeamIdea consciously promotes the professional growth and development of its employees, highlights, and improves their unique skills.

About Specifics

The specifics of reality are such that even in the most standard situations, it is necessary to take the creative initiative to find a non-trivial solution that is best suited to the given context, taking into account the surrounding factors and consequences.

About Result

As a result, the company's Clients get an attitude to their problems and projects that money cannot buy. Consultants delve into tasks and processes with such depth and dedication, as if they are doing it for themselves and for ages. But, in fact, it is. Achieving another result that you can be proud of, which literally warms and nourishes you, allows you to raise the bar and develop further, progress in your field of competence, enrich your professional experience, be in demand and realize that you bring good to this world.

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