Oil and Gas

Prompt response to changes in the external environment is a serious competitive advantage of any company.

Oil and Gas Industry:
Supply Chain Digital Transformation

  • 18+ years of transforming Oil and Gas supply chains
  • 10+ successful digital transformation projects
The Challenges of Supply Chain Management in Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Volatile Demand: the demand for oil and gas can be highly unpredictable due to economic fluctuations, geopolitical tensions, and changes in consumer behavior.
  • Data Silos: information is often fragmented across various systems and departments, hindering cohesive planning efforts.
  • Infrastructure Constraints: planning around limited infrastructure, such as pipeline capacity and refinery capabilities, requires meticulous coordination.
  • Maintenance Schedules: coordinating planned maintenance and unexpected repairs without disrupting supply requires detailed planning and flexibility.
  • Limited Storage Space: finding adequate and safe storage facilities for large volumes of oil and gas, including strategic reserves, can be challenging.
  • Inventory Management: managing inventory levels to avoid overstocking or understocking is critical, especially given the high value and volatility of oil and gas.
  • Regulatory Compliance: complying with stringent environmental laws regarding emissions and spill prevention can be demanding. Varying international and local shipping regulations can complicate logistics planning and execution.
  • Pipeline Capacity: limited pipeline infrastructure can create bottlenecks, leading to delays and increased transportation costs.
  • Fluctuating fuel prices and increasing costs associated with transportation logistics can strain budgets.
  • Finding cost-effective and efficient routes and modes of transport requires continuous optimization effort.

Our solution portfolio is focused on digital supply chain excellence since supply chain management is a core value-generating process for Oil and Gas companies.

We digitize end-to-end Supply Chain Management processes: from planning procurement to last mile delivery.

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