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Pharmalink, one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in the UAE, has achieved remarkable results by automating its distribution centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With the expertise of TeamIdea, the company has successfully launched the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) system. This implementation has improved order fulfillment and DC replenishment by transforming the distribution centers into automated facilities, optimizing picking procedures, and providing online stock analytics.

Key Achievements

>90% warehouse space utilization
+30% Increase in Outbound Deliveries Fulfillment
> 99% picking accuracy 
> 140.000 unique handling units daily management

Project Highlights

FIFO Implementation
The system ensures efficient management of shelf life and minimizes expired or illiquid items through FIFO (First In, First Out) methodology, applied at the batch and SKU levels.

ABC Segmentation
Pharmalink prioritizes its main revenue-generating deliveries by segmenting goods according to the ABC analysis during the picking process.

Mixed Storage Support
The system supports over 2,500 bins, bulk areas, and mezzanine racks, each labeled for efficient management.

Auto-Packaging and Optimized Picking
Enhanced picking strategies ensure quick full-truck loads, supporting over 3,000 ship-to-party and route combinations.

DC Area Management
Using best practice approaches, the DC is organized into zones for goods receipt, issue, picking, and loose item storage.

Cost Controlling
By monitoring all warehouse business processes, Pharmalink has significantly reduced cargo handling costs.

Functional Scope

Full-scope SAP EWM implementation in 6 months for 5000+ m² and 2000+m² Distribution Centers (DC) with 140,000+ unique handling units (cartons) and equipment integration (RF guns, scanners, printers, etc.).

Integration with S/4 HANA, providing online stock visibility for precise replenishment decisions, traceability of warehouse operations, and compliance with government control system (Tatmeen) integration prerequisites.


The system manages and controls all inbound and outbound processes, resulting in less than 1% error rate in putaway and picking operations.
Simplification of personnel operations: onboarding takes only 2 days with no advanced qualifications needed. 

“What I found with TeamIdea and didn't find with other implementers, is that the people who are on the ground and who are programming have been in a warehouse before. They have implemented systems, have seen other problems and solved them, and are able to avoid the same problems coming to me again.

So today we had a very successful go-live. We were stable within 48 hours. The process itself was very smooth. And I think that made all the difference for me that today my implementers were able to take me live in a stable way with a system that fit my needs perfectly”, – said Dr Ibrahim Jabour, Executive Director at Pharmalink.

Watch the video on our LinkedIn to find out more about the project. 

Try SAP EWM for pharmaceutical distributors and increase your service level while decreasing warehousing costs in less than 6 months through implementing warehouse automation best practices and powerful tools for inbound/outbound process execution.

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